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Xinzhou Bearing Industry is specialty/custom Bearing Manufacturer...


We work directly with our OEMs and Bearing Distributors. Our engineers can help you with bearing, shaft and housing tolerances as well as semiconductor applications, cryogenic applications, extreme hostile environments, and extreme delta T temperatures environments.

We are stocking thousands of bearing and bearing related products to cost-efficiently and consistently provide just-in-time delivery.

Our quality is ranked #1 by bearing distributors and OEM's. Our Physical Coated rings, Ceramic Balls and Moly/PTFE retainers give you the longest lasting best performing bearings in the industry.

Allow us the opportunity to use our expertise to solve your toughest bearing applications.

Please consider us 1st for your bearing needs as well as all custom bearing requirements.

We are specialized on ceramic balls (Silicon Nitride, Zirconium), Hybrid Ceramic ball bearings, Full ceramic ball bearings, Stainless steel ball bearing, plastic ball bearing, and another Custom-made ball bearings.

Ceramic bearings advantages: No oil No grease, self-lubricated, high temperature usage, Anti-corrosive, resistant to acid, alkali and salt. No Magnetism, electrical insulation.

Our bearings are widely used in the application on Petroleum, Chemicals, Electronic, Textile, Dyeing, Electroplating, Metallurgy, Vacuum, Instrument, Grocery, Medical, Aviation Aerospace.

Allow us the opportunity to use our expertise to solve your toughest bearing applications, we can help you with your bearings needs. Please send us a quote.