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Internationally recognized ceramic bearings future market prospects


In the high-speed, high-temperature, high temperature, low temperature, vacuum, requiring insulation, lower non-magnetic and other harsh work environment, high-performance ceramic bearings are the ideal alternative to the currently used bearing steel bearings, having to adapt to a wide speed range, high-speed operation of small heat stable performance, long life, corrosion-resistant, not afraid of pollution, abrasion resistance, lubricity starvation instantaneous ability and excellent performance and high reliability, and broad development prospects.

Beijing "China High-Tech Industry Herald" reported that the project is to adjust the defense industry for use in harsh environments, cold, heavy, non-lubricated conditions of development, high-tech, {TodayHot} is new materials, new technology, the perfect combination of the new structure. Convert it to civilian technology can be widely used in civilian high-speed machine tools, cryogenic engineering, high-speed motor, chemical and other industries, after appropriate development, the use in the field of precision can be completely covered now, all applications in speed over steel bearings, performance price ratio is far superior to steel bearings, bearing life than life now use increased by more than 3 times, save a lot of downtime, reduce waste, reduce spare parts inventory bearing; in addition, due to the high technical content, can not be fake, investment the risk is small.

Ultra-precision ceramic ball bearings can be used in high-performance, high-performance ball valve; high-speed machinery, light industry, instrumentation, automotive, and aerospace and other fields of ceramic bearings can be used.
Industry experts said that such bearings are typically two high products, namely high-tech and high value-added, is internationally recognized as bearing on the future of the mainstream products, will occupy 40-60% share of the bearings market, the recent market 1,000,000,000 yuan or so, mainly used in high-speed machine tools, high-speed motor, cryogenic equipment, development and production of precision may gradually replace all application areas over the whole speed bearings, precision ceramic bearings price is similar steel bearing 1.5 to 1.8 times, and prolong life at least three times.
In addition, the automotive industry is one of the potential applications of ceramic bearings, great amount; high reliability military and aerospace field with ceramic bearing technology is currently being developed, the price is high, but technical difficulties, the amount of medium.
In summary, the high-performance ceramic bearing technology has enormous economic and social benefits widely.

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