Full Ceramic Zirconia Ball Bearing
  • High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing
  • High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing
  • High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing
  • High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing
  • High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing
  • High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing
  • High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing
  • High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing

High Performanced ceramic zro2 radial ball bearing

  • Description:
  • With cold, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic insulation

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    ZrO2 Bearing







    Radial clearance:

    C2 C0 C3 C4 C5

    Bearing material-Outer Ring Material:




    Bearing material-Inner Ring Material:


    Race Type:


    Bearing material-Rolling element material:


    Seal Type:


    Bearing material-Bearing cage material:


    Product Feature
    With cold, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic insulation, self-lubricating, high-speed and other features.
    Food processing machinery, medical equipment, cryogenic engineering, optics, high-speed machine tools, high-speed motor, printing machinery,etc.
    Product Details
      Zirconia bearing performance : Zirconia bearings with high temperature, cold , wear resistance, corrosion resistance , anti-magnetic insulation , self-lubricating , high- speed and other features . Can be used in extremely harsh environments and special conditions , can be widely used in aviation , aerospace, marine , petroleum, chemical, automotive, electronics, metallurgy , electric power, textile, pumps , medical equipment , scientific research and national defense and military fields , is the application of new materials, high-tech products . Ceramic bearing rings and rolling all- ceramic materials, zirconium oxide (ZrO2), silicon nitride (Si3N4), silicon carbide (Sic), alumina (AL2O3) of four. Holder PTFE , nylon 66 , polyether imide , zirconium oxide , silicon nitride , stainless steel or special aviation aluminum, thereby expanding the surface of the ceramic bearing applications .
        Zirconia bearing installation : When installing the bearing , the end face of the ferrule should exert equal pressure on the circumference , as the ferrule into strictly prohibited directly with a hammer and other heavy percussion bearing face , so as not to damage the bearings ! Moreover , if ferrule party ( eg outer ) pressure while rolling the ferrule through the other ( eg inner ) push , which often cause indentations in the raceway or abrasions, and must not use . In particular the non-separable type of bearing is also installed in the shaft and the bearing housing shown in Figure 1 : the inner and outer rings with the horn push balanced .
    Two ceramic bearings with
        (I) the amount of interference
        The inner and outer roller bearing fixed to the shaft or the bearing housing , when it receives a load , the ferrule and the shaft or the bearing housing does not occur with the surface radial, axial and rotational direction of the relative movement . This relative movement will occur with surface wear, friction cracks, corrosion or friction , as well as causing the bearing , shaft and bearing housing damage, then wear flour mixed with the bearing, be a cause of dysfunctional , abnormal heat or vibration causes.
        Fixed bearing on the way to the ring and shaft or bearing housing mating surfaces aside the amount of interference , for static tie for the best. The thin ring with the load can be distributed equally on the circumference , without affecting load bearing capacity .
        However, the use of static with , in addition to bearing installation and removal convenient , the free side bearings with separate bearings , axial movement can not , therefore, can not be used for all occasions .

  • Our Services 

    1. Full technical support from concept design to final product delivery 

    2. On-time delivery with no compromise on quality 

    3. High-quality product making with advanced equipment and techniques 

    4. Large-scale of proudction availabl 

    5. Lower cost (medium-size factory, 3000 square meters), but high-end quality only(the 
    same quality control system as per big factory)  

     6. Any questions to be sent will get response within 24 hours FAQ

  • FAQ

     a) How to prolong service life of bearings? 

    Accurate installation and using,alignment,timely monitor,re lubrication etc.

    b) Reason for bearings failure? 

    Usually is incorrect using method,pollution,improper use of lubricant,damage happened 
    in installation and handing,also including installation error.according to the traces can 
    know the reason why is failure.

    c) How to choose bearings? 

    Analyse mechanical device and use conditions.clear the requiremment of 
    bearings.select type of bearings,select distribution way of bearings.selet dimensions of 
    bearings,select installation method of bearings.

    d) When select bearings specifications,what you need to consider? 

    The precision of the bearings(rotating precision,dimensional tolerances)internal 
    clearance and preload bearing material and heat treatment.structure of cage and material. 

    e) Payment method,packing way,transport method,time of delivery?      T/T,PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,L/C     Tube,box,carton,pallet,     By sea,by air       3-15days after receipt of payment.

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