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Bicycle Bearings
        We stock bike bearings for road bikes or mountain bikes to cover different applications. Our thin-section radial ball bearings, often referred to as cartridge bearings, can be used as bottom bracket bearings or bike wheel bearings (hub bearings) and are available with metal shields, rubber contact seals or our “2RU” rubber low friction seals. For greater corrosion resistance, we can supply these in stainless steel and with waterproof lubricants.

Food and Beverage Industry Bearings
        Our full ceramic ball bearing and our plastic bearings are widely used in food and beverage industry applications. These bearings often have to cope with regular wash-downs, steam-cleaning, contamination, possibly high temperatures, fluids and other corrosive materials.

Space and Satellites
        Much of the modern material we find common place today can find there origins in pioneering space technology, the same can be said for many of the advanced ceramic materials used in bearings. Ceramic bearings can be found in a number of space applications from space flight to satellites to unmanned exploration vehicles.
        Space poses a combination of many high stress applications in one. A number of benefits can be found in the use ceramic bearings, light weight and vacuum compatible ceramic bearings provide a weight saving and are able to withstand space flight and are common place on satellites due to this. Additionally ceramic bearings, unlike their steel equivalents, are able to run unlubricated providing an added weight saving without the need for heavy greases or oils that will also may contaminate delicate components in the surrounding application.

Chemical and Medical
        Whether it is mixing chemicals or being used in medical equipment ceramic bearings provide the best solutions to application where contamination can be life threatening. Standard steels when washed with solutions can rust even stainless steels can succumb to the effect of strong acids or alkali’s. The resulting corrosion can lead to particulate contamination. Standard bearings also must have some form lubrication whether it is grease or oil which can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and be troublesome to clean.
        Ceramic bearings however are inert, meaning they do not suffer the same problems of reacting with corrosive materials and will not let off particulates or react with chemical resulting harmful by-products. Furthermore, ceramic bearings can be run dry and free of additional lubrication so will not habor any microbiology and can be cleaned easier with strong clean agents without worry.

        Whether you are a competitive skater looking for that extra edge or just a recreational skater looking to improve performance, The Xinzhou Bearing Company has plenty of bearing options for your inline skates. Reducing rolling resistance and conserving energy has been our hallmark. We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically designed for today's demanding Inline Skates & Skateboards.